SOPHOS UTM 9 (Sophos SG Firewall) update firmware


NOTE: This description is NOT for Sophos XG firewall. That is a completely different product.

Easiest way to manually update / upgrade the firmware in Sophos UTM (aka ASTARO aka Sophos SG firewall) is via the ssh command line interface.

  1. Log into the SSH with Putty or from another ssh server and become root / su.
  2. cd /var/up2date/sys
  3. wget all the needed updates from :
  4. Make updates visible and available in the GUI with:
    auisys.plx -showdesc --verbose
  5. Run updates from the GUI or run this command to execute the updates / upgrades in the CLI:
    auisys.plx --verbose
  6. The system will automatically reboot when the updates / upgrades are done.