Set up IMAP account in iPhone


Setting up an IMAP account on any phone, pad or computer will result in your email to be replicated on the server and all other devices setup with this IMAP account. There are several issues with this:
A. You are occupying ever more space on the server, which could result in extra costs.
B. You are occupying every more space on all your other devices as well. You could run out of space.
C. All your email is sitting on the server and anyone (with appropriate access rights) can see all your mail.
The alternative is to set up the POP3 access method, which will retrieve messages from the server every time you check your mail.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail
  1. Go to Accounts
  1. Click Add Account
  1. Select Other
  1. Select Add Mail Account
  1. Type your name, email and password
  1. IMAP tab must be highlighted. Copy the server host information below and fill in with your account details
  1. This is just a preview, so hit Next
  1. Make sure Mail is Enabled (Green)
  1. Open the Mail app and confirm your emails are downloading and folders are showing

Setting up your POP email on Android


Microsoft Outlook’s mobile app is popular nowadays to configure your email, however, it only accepts IMAP so it is not possible to use for your email provided by Blue Net. Your best option is to use Android’s native MAIL application which should be more than enough to utilize for your email access on your Android mobile phone / tablet.

Below are the step by step instructions in adding your POP email to Android’s MAIL app. Please note that the outline of the settings may differ depending on the version of your Android OS, but should almost be the same. The device used for this guide is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Go to Settings > Accounts

Click on Add Account

Select Email

Choose POP

Copy the settings below. Please note that your username should be your complete email address.

This should be your Outgoing settings.

You may select your sync schedule and peak schedule. Make sure Sync Email is checked.

Last window should be the account name (Optional) and your display name.

Click Done when finished. You should now be able to open your email. Wait for a few minutes and it should start syncing. If you will encounter any issues, please let us know by emailing

Expired domains


When you have missed the chance to renew your domain, there is a big possibility that your domain will be registered by companies whose business is to buy available and expired domains to sell them for a higher price when another requires those domain names, usually the previous owner. You do not have to worry about your website content and files though, as it is only the domain name that has been acquired.

The only way to avoid this is to renew your domain before it expires. But if you missed the renewal, here are some options to retrieve the ownership of your domain:

1. Buy the domain back from the new registrant but expect a higher price.
2. You may go to to go against the new registrant. This site is the registration authority for the .au domain space.

If you opted not to do the above methods, you may have to wait until the domain expires again, which most likely will be in two years since the new registrant might drop the domain quickly if no one is interested in buying it from them.

Alternatively, you can register a new domain which is almost identical to your previous domain. Example, if the domain name is, you may register If it is, you may register as long as it is available. We can get your website to work on the new domain within minutes. Once completed, you do not have to pay SEO companies to submit your website to search engine companies. Below is a good guide about this.

You Don’t Need To Submit Your Website To Search Engines

You may submit your website to search engines in this link.

Of course, it is always better to monitor and make sure your domains are renewed properly and on time. We hope that this information may provide useful to you in the future.

Set up your POP3 account on iPhone or iPad running iOS7 and above


Please note that the screenshots below are taken from an iPad device, but the interface of an iPhone should look almost the same. Contact our support team for further assistance.

1. On your iOS device, click on Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account.



2. Select Other.


4. Select Add mail account.


5. Type your email address and password. You can put anything on the Description box. The Next button should be available upon entering the required details. Tap Next when done.


6. You might encounter an error message (mostly for iPhones), just select Continue to move on to the next window, otherwise, select POP then fill in the required details as shown on the screenshots.


7. You will encounter an error message, just select Continue to move on to the next window.


8. You will get this message, Cannot connect using SSL. Choose No.


9. You will now have an overview of your account details. Tap Save to continue.


10. Go back to the settings window, then select Advanced.


11. Make sure you have the same settings as the screenshot below.


12. Go back to the settings window, then select SMTP, then select your Primary Server.


13. Make sure you have the same settings as below.


14. When you are finished, tap Done and open your email through the Mail App. You might get the same security message (see step 7), just tap Continue, and you should be able to download your messages and send as well.

Set up exchange account on Iphone running iOS6 and below


1. On your IOS device, click on Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars (see below).



2. Select Add account.



3. Select Exchange.



4. Type your email address and password. You can put anything on the Description box (Exchange, work email, etc…). The Next button should be available upon entering the required details. Tap Next when done.



5. You might encounter an error message, just select Continue to move on to the next window.



6.Type the required details.

> Replace with your own email address.

> Type on Server.

> Domain is optional. You can leave this blank.

> Type your email address on username, retype password, then tap Next.




Your Exchange email account is now ready. You may close the settings window, then select Mail from the list of your apps.

Setting up a Blue Net Pop account in iPhone


These settings apply in iPhone, iPhone 3/3g, iPhone 4/4s, and iPhone 5. I will be using my Bluenet account for this guide, just change it into your corresponding emails and passwords.


1. Go to Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.





2. Tap Add Account…




3. Select Other




4. Tap Add Mail Account




5.  On this screen, please fill in your details (Description can be your name, or company name, or anything you’d like to put). Tap Next when you are done.




6. Select POP, then proceed with typing the Incoming Mail Server settings.




6a. Host name should always be “” and do not forget to type your username, which is your complete email address, and your password.




6b. Now for the outgoing, it should be “”, then proceed with your email and password. Tap Save (upper-right) when you’re done.




7. Upon saving the settings, it should normally give you an error. You will be back on the “Other” window, simply tap on your email account to change the settings. From there, go to “Advanced”.


7a. Make sure Deleted Messages are set to “Never” as seen below. You can always delete the messages on your computer in case you need to retrieve important emails that were deleted.





7b. On this window, set the option “Delete from server” to “Never” so you can download the messages also on your computer and other devices. If not, you will only be able to download this on your iPhone but not on other devices.




7c. SSL should be turned OFF under Incoming Settings, leave Authentication to Password. Server port should be set to “9292”.




8. Tap SMTP to change its settings.




8a. Tap “” to change its settings.




8b. Server should be ON. Check the host name (should be, and your username and password as well. SSL should also be OFF, Authentication to Password, and Server Port should be 587. Click Done.




You can exit Settings and open your Mail to start downloading the messages.